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Cyber Security

As a leading provider of IT Managed Services we’re here to strengthen and support your existing IT infrastructure with tailored support solutions so you can continue working hard on achieving your business goals.

Reliable Security Services

Every year the need for an intelligent cyber security strategy becomes more essential for small to medium sized businesses. Up until now you may have never experienced a cyber security threat, but with attacks on the rise and the latest Hiscox report suggesting that medium sized businesses in the UK that reported a cyber incident had grown by 75% from 2018 to 2019, it is clear that the online climate is changing. It also shows the proportion of firms reporting a cyber event is down this year from 61% to 39%, but the financial impact of each breach is many times greater than before.

Attenu8 can help with tailored cyber security services designed to help find, block, and proactively defend against cyber threats.

End Point Security Services

Unfortunately, the weakest link in any cyber security strategy is the end-user on their desktop, laptop or mobile device. With the shift towards a more free-form work environment, and end-users using their own devices to work remotely anywhere, this could open up your organisation to malicious threats on your enterprise network. Our end point security services help secure end-user devices from traditional antivirus software up to comprehensive protection against sophisticated malware. Our systems are designed to identify potential attacks, analyse the threat level, then block and contain the attack whilst it is in progress. End point security solutions help to keep your organisation productive whilst minimising the threat to your IT infrastructure.


Dark Web Intelligence

How aware are you of your digital footprint? Everyone who uses the internet creates a trail of data including passive and active information. Whilst this is nothing to worry about on the surface, for an organisation it is important to understand what information there is about you within this footprint and how you can prevent it being used against you. With our Dark Web Intelligence service we can proactively identify, analyse, and monitor for your organisations compromised or stolen employee and customer data. We provide comprehensive coverage of deep and dark web content to help protect your brand from counterfeiting attempts, unlicensed use, leaked information and phishing attempts. With this human and machine learning service, we are able to quickly notify our clients when such data is identified and recommend a remedial course of action.


Prevention Services

Phishing attacks and CEO fraud are on the rise. It is estimated that nearly half a million businesses were affected last year with the average cost of an attack being around £35,000. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are sending increasingly convincing emails to trick lower level employees into clicking dangerous links or sending critical business information such as bank details. We provide businesses with staggered phishing campaigns to measure employee awareness and subsequently provide educational material to improve employee awareness of online dangers. Awareness and prevention is the best form of protection against the ever-evolving threat of cyber attacks. We are dedicated to developing a cyber security strategy to not only address technical aspects of prevention, but also the human elements too.

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