Server 2008 R2 – Shadow Copies

I came across an issue when trying to move the shadow copy location on one of my
Hyper-v boxes, even though I deleted the shadow copy for a specific drive it was still
showing that there was an amount of data used and as a result gave me the following
error when I tried to change where shadow copies were saved:

Error 0x8004231d: The specified shadow copy storage association is in use and so can’t be deleted.

Looking at this through vssadmin:

vssadmin list shadow storage
vssadmin delete shadows /For=’driveletter’: /oldest

But this still produced an error

You can instead use disk shadow:

Use diskshadow command to remove the shadow copies:
cmd> diskshadow

List all volume shadow copies on the computer:
diskshadow> list shadows all

To list diskshadow command options:
diskshadow> delete shadows

Delete the oldest shadow copy of the given volume or shared folder:
diskshadow> delete shadows oldest ‘driveletter’:

Delete all shadow copies of the given volume or shared folder:
diskshadow> delete shadows volume ‘driveletter’:

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One thought on “Server 2008 R2 – Shadow Copies

  1. Donald St-Maurice says:

    worked like a charm, thank you so much!

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