Outlook RPC connection issues with Exchange 2010

Outlook 2003  does not use RPC encryption, therefore when connecting to Exchange
Server 2010 whose default configuration requires RPC encryption, you can run into

Note Outlook 2007 will have the same issue if ‘Encrypt data between Microsoft Office
Outlook and Microsoft Exchange’
is disabled.

The Microsoft support site http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2006508 covers making changes to both the local
outlook profile and/or the Exchange CAS in the form of a disable of RPC encryption. However it is also possible to increase the counter limit.


Record the details next to name, which will be along the lines of DefaultThrottlingPolicy_a7fe35e8-aed9-481d-8c75-91d82a31d249

set-throttlingpolicy -identity “DefaultThrottlingPolicy_a7fe35e8-aed9-481d-8c75-91d82a31d249” -EWSFindCountLimit 150
This allows you to increase the counter limit for the default policy. Note you can create a new policy and apply it to only 2003 users. Also the value of 150 at the end can be increased if required.

If you wish to disable the encryption completely then the following can be entered:

set-RpcClientAccess -server ‘exchange server name’ -EcryptionRequired $False



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